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In 2005 Sam began his passion for film making when, with his friends, he created the film production company, The Stuff Up Crew. Armed only with an old DV camcorder they set out to recreate their imaginations on the full screen. In 2005 they entered a variety of film festivals and placed third in the “Mango Film Fest” with their film “Pass the Parcel”. Sam’s film making passion was in no way inhibited when he and his mother volunteered overseas in Vanuatu during 2006. In fact the basic living style of the Melanesian people inspired his film making to even simpler filming techniques, which often involved a borrowed stills camera, which could record basic picture and sound.

On his return to Australia in 2007 Sam enrolled at Pimlico State High School for year 10. In 2008 his enthusiasm for film was reignited as he gained access to Pimlico’s camcorders, which the school allowed senior’s to borrow. He also attended a TAFE and gained a certificate II in screen. At the end of 2008 Sam was successful in applying for IPA Aspire Youth Career Grant, which provided him $1000 towards purchasing his own video camera. With this camera Sam began the production of a huge number of films while still in his senior year. He created a video for the Doritos’s ad competition with his friend and former “Stuff Up Crew” member Kaz Zierl.

He also began working with the Townsville City Council and began the production of a promotional video for the Youth Career Grant that he received in 2008. Sam was not always confined to the video camera however; he also began to create “claymation” films with local artist Peggy Wakelin-Snoad Following his gradutation from Pimlico State High School, Sam again received funding to attend the Melbourne Film Summer School, an intensive 3 week course on practical film making from script to screen. Through this course Sam gained employment as a Second Boom Operator on an Australian Feature Film entitled “6 Plots” being shot in Melbourne.

After the shoot was over Sam was asked to create a film for the King Island Long Table Festival in Tasmania. This led to an opportunity to create promotional videos for Sydney based company Fertile Mind. After directing a host of Fertile Mind’s promotional videos, Sam returned home in time to enter MINCA’s Carbon Cuts Short film festival in which he claimed first prize in the over 18’s category.

In 2011 Sam is worked with the ABC on a television adaption of the books called the 'the slap' and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries .

In 2013 Sam commenced a Degree at RMIT in Media and Communications while still doing some part time work with film and television production.



Contact: email, ph:0448279838,

PO Box 1250 Townsville, Qld 4810