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KININMONTHS on King Island



Stuart Kininmonth

I am a Spatial Ecologist specialising in how populations are networked. My zoology degree (University of Melbourne) and Masters in Natural Resources (University of New England) have assisted with spatial science positions with Greening Australia, Victorian DNRE, Kakadu National Park, CSIRO, AIMS, JCU, Uni Tasmania and GBRMPA. After completing a PhD focusing on network theory in ecological systems with the University of Queensland I started work with Stockholm Resilience Centre in Sweden.

I am available for consulting in the following fields:

  • Network theory with application to Ecology
  • Sensor Network Implementation and Analysis
  • Geospatial Development and Analysis
  • Training in GIS and Network Theory
  • Marine Field Surveys and Operational Management
  • Web and Database development and design

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For more detailed information see the following:

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